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How do I get to GDLS?


How do I contact GDLS?


Where do I buy school uniforms?

School uniforms can be conveniently purchased at the school's bookstore.

When are the school terms and school holidays?


Finance Matters:

School Fees Matters


How do I make payments?

For cheque payments, please make them payable to "Greendale Secondary School", and send them personally to the school's General Office.

For cash payments, they can be made directly at the school's General Office.

Financial Assistance Scheme and Bursaries



Where can I find out more about the Direct School Admission (DSA) to Greendale Secondary School?



Where can I find out more about CCAs and related CCA matters in Greendale Secondary School?


What is the CCA Grading System?


Can my child join more than one CCA?

Here in GDLS, students are encouraged to join not more than one CCA, so as to balance out their time with their studies.

Academic Matters:

My child was exempted from the MTL exam at PSLE. Does he/ she still need to study a MTL at Secondary School?

If your child was exempted from taking the MTL exam at PSLE because he/she has applied to study a foreign language, your child will still need to register for a foreign language as a MTL-in-lieu at Secondary School. Please complete Form 5-FL (click to download form) and submit it, together with all supporting documents, to Mr Goh Cheng Hian, HOD MTL, for processing. Without a MTL or MTL-in-lieu, your child will not be able to register for the National Exams at the end of Secondary School education.

If your child was granted exemption because he/she fulfilled a condition stated in Question 2 (see below), it would be clearly stated on the official letter of exemption (which your child received in Primary School) that your child will no longer need to reapply for exemption at Secondary School. In such a case, your child will not be required to sit for the MTL exam at ‘N’ or ‘O’ level.

I would like to apply for permanent MTL exemption for my child. How can I go about doing it?

Under the bilingual policy, all students must study two languages: English Language and a Mother Tongue Language.

Students will only be considered for exemption if they meet any of the following criteria:

1) Student only joined the Singapore education system mid-stream (e.g. an international student who joined a Singapore school only at Primary 5), or

2) Student has certain special needs or medical conditions (e.g. autism, severe dyslexia) If a student wants to apply for exemption and meets at least one of the above criteria, he or she could fill up Form 2-EXPT 
(click to download form) and return to Mr Goh Cheng Hian, HOD MTL, with all supporting documents, for submission to MOE.

My child is studying a NTIL (Non-Tamil Indian Language) in Primary School. Does he/ she need to reapply at Secondary School? Are there NTIL lessons conducted in school?

Students who have obtained approval at the primary level to study a NTIL are not required to reapply at Secondary School. They must continue to offer the approved non-MTL or NTIL at secondary and pre-tertiary levels. There are no NTIL lessons in school. Students studying NTIL are required to attend lessons with the NTIL community groups and sit for examinations set by the Board for the Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages.

My child opted to study a third language. Why was the application unsuccessful?

Students who opted to study a third language do not automatically qualify for entry into the programme. Selection is entirely based on merit and determined solely by each applicant’s PSLE results.

Music Elective



Are students allowed to bring mobile phones to school?

Please refer to the GDLS Student Handbook 2018, on the use of mobile phones in GDLS.

Does my child need to buy a laptop/ mobile device as part of school programme when he/ she joins GDLS?

GDLS does not require students to buy laptops or mobile devices. We do not have one-to-one mobile computing programme, although we have ICT programmes and ICT-supported curriculum. We provide devices for students when required. Students can use laptops in our library. Our school has a Wi-Fi network for students to bring-their-own-devices, to connect to the Internet for learning purposes.

Attire and grooming during non-curriculum periods.

Please refer to the GDLS Student Handbook 2018, on the proper attire and grooming during non-curriculum periods.