MOE Updates to SMM for Schools w.e.f. 11 Oct

Dear Parents/ Guardians

In line with MOH’s updates to the national COVID-19 testing and isolation protocols, MOE will update the precautionary measures implemented in MKs, primary and secondary schools, and JCs/MI from 11 October 2021 (Monday):

• Students in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case will no longer be placed on Quarantine Order(QO); they will be issued a 7-day Health Risk Warning(HRW) by MOH.

• MOE will no longer issue Leave of Absence(LOA) and Approved Absence(AA) to all students and staff.

• Students currently under existing QO, LOA or AA can return to school for lessons if they are well and have a negative ART result on the day they go to school.

• Primary schools will require close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases in school to undergo regular ART self-testing while waiting for the issuance of an HRW. We seek your understanding that schools will no longer call parents to inform you that your child is a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case and will use electronic means (e.g. Parents Gateway or email) instead.

[Updates to Arrangements for GCE-Level National Exams]

• Candidates on HRW or Medical Leave (MC) will be allowed to sit for the national exams, including Science Practical, under specific conditions and SMMs.

• Inform your child’s school if your child has been placed on HRW or MC, and if your child plans to sit for the national exams.

• MOE will continue to monitor the situation and implement measures to keep our school environment safe. We urge all students and parents to exercise social responsibility.

The School Management
On behalf of MOE

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