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About Greendale Secondary School

In 2005, the Principal Mrs Mary Koh together with a selected pool of experienced HODs and Teachers, set about to prepare for the establishment of a new secondary school in Punggol. In 2006, Greendale Secondary School took in the first batch of Secondary One students.

In December 2008, Mr Mark Gerard Minjoot took over as Principal of Greendale Secondary School.  Greendale Secondary School aspires to be a premier school in the north-east. In the last few years, the school has attained some outstanding results in both the academic and co-curricular areas and is gaining a reputation for providing a value-added, holistic education.

In December 2014, Ms Amy Ng joined the school as its current Principal. Tapping on the school's achievements and strengths, and with the support of various stakeholders (students, staff, parents, school advisory committee, alumni), Greendale Secondary School's journey to become a School of Choice that Makes a Difference: Home of Committed Learners, Critical Thinkers and Confident Leaders continues.

The Instructional Programmes are vibrant and refreshing. A distinctive feature of the school is that the Environment is used as a 3 rd teacher . Leveraging on the relative strengths of the staff, the school is proposing to focus on developing niches in:

a) Outdoor and Adventure Education - the Character Education programme is founded on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Youth and incorporates elements of Outdoor & Adventure Education. The hallmark of the Character Education programme is the installation of an outdoor camp experience for each level.

b) Design, Technology and Engineering - As part of this initiative, Design Thinking elements are being fused into an integrated learning experience for lower secondary students to provide a mould for incorporating Technology and Engineering strategies in problem solving.

A wide range of CCAs to cater to myriad interests and developing talents

A wide range of 18 CCAs is offered. All CCA groups are striving to provide students with a taste of success and a number are achieving this goal. Our Uniformed Groups of National Cadet Corps (Land), National Police Cadet Corps and Red Cross Youth are nationally recognised GOLD units for the past 5 years. Our Sports CCA includes Canoeing, Fencing and Softball, sports that compete at the highest National competitions. Our 5 Performing Arts groups have attained Certificates of Accomplishment in the recent 2015 Singapore Youth Celebrations.

As a community, we are united in challenging our students to R 3 ISE above each challenge, constantly reminding them and ourselves too : “ It’s not whether you can or cannot; it’s whether you want or don’t want.”

The school is resolute in forging a culture of Care, Learning and Excellence and is keen to fulfil its mission of Nurturing Talents, Developing Character and Inspiring Lives so that every student blossoms into a Learner, Thinker and Leader .

We invite you to join us, as we propel Greendale to greater heights. Let us look forward to the future with unbridled optimism and work in harmony, striving to live the school motto as our own:

Serve  others

Lead  by example

Excel  in all endeavours