Termly Information Sheet Term 4 (04/2017) 11/09/2017
Dear Parents, Click on above link to view and download Information Sheet [04/2017]
End-Of-Year Examination Timetable Sec 1-3 [11/09/2017]
Dear Students, kindly click on the above link to download your End-of-Year Examination Timetable 2017.
Launching Greendale e-Chronicle and Greendale Parents Connexion
We have launched 2 blogs to complement our website. The Greendale e-Chronicle and Greendale Parents Connexion are 2 blogs specially set up to share and update school community and stakeholders on the school’s development and achievements. Click on above link that direct you to the sites. Alternatively, you may use the links under “Quick Links” to access the sites. We look forward for your support.
Sec 4N Intensive Academic Programme 2017 & September Academic Programme
Dear Parents/Students, Click on above link to view more details on Sec 4N Intensive Academic Programme 2017.
Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Counselling [12 July 2017]
Our ECG Counsellor supports students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions concerning their education options and career aspirations. Students who like to discuss about their subject or course selection, or find out more about their strengths, interests and passions, can have a chat with the ECG Counsellor, individually or in small groups. To request for an appointment with the ECG Counsellor, please fill up this online form by clicking on the link.
Parking@Greendale Sec During School Events
The parking facility in our school is affected by the construction of our new Indoors Sports Hall. Hence, the number of available parking space is limited. Parents who are attending school events (e.g. Meet-the-Parents Session, talks, seminars) are advised to park in the neighbouring multi-storey carpark (Blk 174). We apologise for the inconveniences and thank you for your understanding.
Construction of Indoor Sports Hall
The school’s facility will be upgraded with the construction of an Indoor Sports Hall. The construction work, which is to be carried out on-site, will commence in end May 2017 and is expected to complete towards the 2nd half of 2018. Click on the link to read more on this matter.
To view all 2017 Announcements
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Physical & Sports Education Conference 2017
The conference was intended for PE practitioners to examine fundamental tenets of quality teaching and learning, and deepen their understanding and application of pedagogical practices. To find out more click on the above link.
MTL Fortnight 2017
Students from Secondary 1 – 3, participated in the Malay Language Fortnight programme during the September 2017 school holidays. Don't forget to click on the above link to read on this article!
Malay Debate Competition – Bahas 4PM 2017
We are proudly to announce that our sec 3 students participated and represented the School in a Debate Competition, organised by 4PM. To find out more do click on the above link.Thank you!
National Day Celebration 2017
#onenationtogether Every year the School celebrated National Day by having a formal parade in the morning led by our distinguished three Uniformed Groups: NPCC, NCC and Red Cross Youth. To read more on this, click on the above link.
Teachers' Day Celebration 2017
The theme for this year’s Teachers’ Day Celebrations was Hollywood. Our teachers were dressed up for the Hollywood Stars of the day. Don't forget to click on the link to find out more on the event!
Art Club / NE National Day Competition 2017
#onenationtogether. Students, from Secondary 1 to 3, submitted their beautiful entries in either 2D or 3D. To find out more on the magnificent artwork feel free to click on the link.
GDLS Kampong Fusion Cafe
Last Friday, 15 September 2017 , Class of 1T1 presented their Cafe Project, themed “Kampong Fusion Cafe”, to the Greendale Family which led by Mdm Suriani and Mdm Gajae. To find out more please click on the link.
GDLS Celebrate the Good!
We would like to highlight the exemplary behavior of the following students, between June and August this year, in displaying our school values caught in the act! Great Job Guys! To find out more, feel free to click on the link.
Student Leaders' Trek
A group of Sec 3 students consisting of Student Councillors, CCA Leaders and Sports Leaders went on a trek as part of the School's Level 4 leadership training programme. Click here to find out more at the e-Chronicle!
National Day Awards 2017
The Singapore National Day Awards are a means of recognising various forms of merit and service to Singapore. We are proud to announce that two of our Greendale staff were awarded the honours as well. Click here to find out more on who they are!