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To support and enhance the school’s parents engagement effort, the school has set up the Greendale e-Chronicle and Greendale Parents Connexion to share the latest development of the school with the school community. The Greendale e-Chronicle is an online newsletter that replaces the school’s printed version of the biennial Greendale Chronicle and reports on the learning experiences of the students while the Greendale Parents Connexion is a blog dedicated to keeping parents posted on matters related to school and learning.

We hope that the set up of these 2 dedicated blogs will keep parents, as well as other members of the school community, connected and thereby fostering a strong and positive school-parents/community relationship.

Here are the links to the 2 blogs:

·         The 
Greendale Chronicle:                  http://gdlss.edu.sg/chronicle/

·         Greendale Parents Connexion:         http://gdlss.edu.sg/parents/

For Generic Information, Termly Letters, Level-specific Matters and School Calendar,  please continue access them using the links on the right.

Thank you.