The School Mission: Nurturing Talents, Developing Character, Inspiring Lives, hinges on the school’s strong belief and aspiration to develop every member of the Greendale community to be a life-long Learner who takes personal responsibility and initiative in his own development and personal mastery, a critical Thinker who seeks clarity and possibilities, and a confident Leader who seeks to serve his community with humility and confidence.

The School Vision: Our Home, Our Pride; Greendale, where Everyone (Learner, Thinker, Leader) Matters and Makes a Difference. Leveraging our strengths and addressing growing challenges as well as opportunities, the school will strengthen our culture to exude deep care and trust as we more deliberately engage and involve our stakeholders, beyond staff and students, leaving no one behind and, making a difference for others.

Our Metaphor: As we journey together to achieve our strategic vision, we will stay rooted in our school values and strengthen our collaboration with pride. We are determined to propel Greendale to greater heights by being focused, constantly deepening our craft and making a difference for others so that we will GROW and GLOW as one family.

Glow & Grow
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