Applied Learning Programme

Overview of Greendale Secondary School Applied Learning Programme

Greendale Secondary School’s STEM ALP in Design, Technology & Engineering (DTE) prepares our students to lead the thrust towards becoming a SMART nation, where technology will permeate all facets of life, work and play.

Our ALP programme provides opportunities for students to Design, Code and Build. Students design using the Design Thinking Process where empathy, problem solving, critical and creativity thinking skills are developed. Through the learning of Arduino microcontroller and Annikken Andee, students develop computational thinking and coding skills. They build through actual hands-on construction, cardboard modelling and use of rapid prototyping machines like 3D printers and laser cutting machine.

Through the school’s hydroponics and aquaponics farming setup, students learn about national sustainability issues, multi-disciplanary applications and see the real life applications of Arduino and Annikken Andee.

Secondary 1:

Students are taught basic coding and electronics skills via the use of Ardunio microcontroller to perform functions such as making a buzzer sound, lighting up LEDs and controlling rotation using servo motors. Students apply what they have learnt into real life application of Arduino in monitoring the hydroponics setup in the school. To create awareness on sustainability, students are shown how the use of renewable clean energy can cause a positive impact to the natural environment.  They are also taught 3D modelling computer aided design (CAD) software and rapid prototyping using 3D printing technology and laser cutting.

Secondary 2:

Students build on their Sec 1 DTE knowledge by learning more advanced Arduino coding skills with the introduction of Annikken Andee to create a mobile (wireless) user interface on devices such as iPads or handphones. Using the customized user interface, students can control their Arduino projects using their mobile devices. Students also learn about emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Drones technology and applications.

Sec 2 students participate in the SIT Community Challenge which is a collaboration between Singapore Institute of Technology and Greendale Secondary School. Through this challenge, students partner with a community organization to co-create solutions to solve community challenges through the use of Design Thinking Process.

The programme culminates in the SIT Community Challenge finals in which students pitch their ideas to judges from SIT, James Dyson Foundation, community partners and school leaders. This exciting interaction between the judges and students enrich the students’ learning through insightful sharing and idea feasibility feedback from design practitioners and community partners. It provides an authentic learning platform beyond the classroom.

Students will receive the Young Engineers Award, YEA (Applied Learning) after completing their Sec 1 and 2 programme.


Another highlight of the school’s ALP experience is the overseas STEM trip organized by the school. Selected students will to go for the overseas trip to experience the STEM development, education and cultural exposure.

Secondary 3:

Through career talks, workshops and learning journeys on engineering and design by tertiary institutions and industry partners, students learn about exciting STEM careers and industries. They are also given opportunities to participate in Advanced Elective Modules (AEM) in STEM related and engineering courses in polytechnics. Selected students get to participate in competitions which develop their skills and deepen their knowledge in STEM.

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