Applied Learning Programme

Secondary 1:

Students are taught basic coding and electronics skills via the use of Ardunio microcontroller to perform functions such as making a buzzer sound, lighting up LEDs and controlling rotation using servo motors. Emphasis will be given in the application of skills learned to solve real-world problems.

Students will achieve the Young Engineers Bronze Award (by Singapore Science Centre and Singapore Polytechnic) when they passed the final assessment at the end of the Sec 1 programme.

Starting 2016, Scratch programming were also introduced to Sec 1 students as an enrichment to complement the Alp programme to enhance their coding knowledge.

Secondary 2:

Students build on their Sec 1 DTE knowledge by learning more advanced Arduino coding skills with the introduction of Annikken Andee to create a mobile (wireless) user interface. They will use an Ipad to remotely control the functions of the Arduino microcontroller. Students will also be exposed to Design Thinking, Laser Cutting and 3D printing so that they can combine the knowledge learned for a final drone project.

Students will achieve the Young Engineers Silver Award when they passed the assessment at the end of the Sec 2 programme.

Secondary 3:

Students are exposed to career talks on engineering and design by tertiary institutions. They will also be involved in learning journeys to industrial partners and exhibitions that are related to design and engineering.

Selected students will take part in the STEM Shell Challenge and other competitions which will provide them with the opportunity to achieve the Young Engineers Gold Award.

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