School Leaders' Message


As 2022 draws to a close, we give thanks to our Greendale family, our partners and all who have been a part of our journey. This year, the new leadership team has had time to settle in, take stock, and reflect on the key areas moving forward. We honour the work done by the previous leadership, having guided Greendale to be the school that it is today – boasting a vibrant student population, strong staff culture, and rigorous school programmes.

Our vision

As we acknowledge the work that has gone into making Greendale our home and our pride, we also anticipate new opportunities and challenges in the coming years. We continue to strive for each Greendale student to be a lifelong learner, critical thinker, and servant leader. Servant leadership remains our anchor alongside our RISE values and these guide us as we embrace new lived experiences, adapting to fresh ways of learning, thinking and leading.

Our culture

We are promoting more collaborative learning, as we believe such experiences and skills will prepare our students for life beyond the halls of Greendale. While the school has done well academically, we also seek to deepen our students’ thinking in everything that they do, focussing on thinking dispositions and processes that will enable them to thrive beyond their usual work in school. We also strive to establish a safe culture, so that every student can voice their opinions and offer their ideas, both of which we value at Greendale.

Our core work

A collaborative, thinking and safe school will help us evolve our teaching and learning. Our weekly Grow and Glow videos during Monday assembly periods are one example. These videos, helmed by the Principal, engage students on values education, current issues, and real-world problems. Unlike the pre-COVID model of assembly talks, these are shown in class and offer both the audio-visual dimension and the chance for smaller group discussions with class mentors. These encourage teachers to challenge assumptions about how we have been teaching – that the physical boundaries of a classroom or parade square should no longer restrict access to learning. We are also working on incorporating design thinking, visible thinking, and inter-disciplinary learning as we look ahead to 2023, welcoming the resumption of learning journeys and identifying ways in which assessment can become more authentic and accessible.

Our home

We will also be looking at other ways to improve the school experience. From 2023, we will start school at 8am, giving students, their families, and our staff more flexibility in managing their work and school routines, while also giving students more rest. While the school completed its campus restoration and rejuvenation project in June this year, we continue to look ahead at creating more green areas, more learning spaces and places that feature students’ work and interests. We hope that these will not only enhance our students’ lived experiences but make Greendale a physically and mentally welcoming home for all.

Our staff

Our staff continue to do their best in guiding our students. While we build on our reputation of having a dedicated, enthusiastic, and motivated staff, we also look for ways to support them. Staff wellbeing is and will continue to be an area that we focus on, as we also believe that a staff well taken care of will do their best for students. We strive to build a family culture at Greendale, one where every staff member also looks out for each other.

Our community

The support of our School Advisory Committee, Parents’ Support Group  and other established partners help to create a diverse set of experiences for our students. They form an important network enabling us to connect with the community, and enrich the learning experience for our students. We continue to seek new partnerships and networks, and we are excited to grow our newly forged partnership with Paya Lebar Air Base, which will offer our students many interesting perspectives and programmes.

We look forward to journeying with our advisory committee, parents, community institutions, alumni and all our other partners as we continue to grow hearts and minds at Greendale.

Onward to 2023!

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