Blended Learning

Greendale Secondary embraces Blended Learning to nurture self-directed and independent learners and empower our students to discover their passion and strengths.  Blended Learning complements our school programmes and aims to provide students a seamless blend of different modes of learning. One main aspect of Blended Learning is the integration of Home-Based Learning as a regular feature of the school experience.

Blended Learning Days in Semester 2 2021

Blended Learning will be carried out for Secondary One students, with the first Blended Learning Day commencing on 13 July 2021, Tuesday. For the rest of the levels, Blended Learning will be progressively carried out in 2022.

Structure of a Blended Learning Day

Curriculum Coverage Student-Initiated Learning (SIL)
Duration 4 Hours At least 1 Hour
Location Curriculum is designed for completion at home At home

A Blended Learning Day
for a Greendale Student

4 hours Curriculum Coverage

With Blended Learning, teaching and learning activities will provide students with a seamless learning experience through a range of learning opportunities in school and beyond school. Traditional in-class learning will be thoughtfully integrated with other learning approaches such as technology-based approaches to bring about a more effective and student-centric educational experience.

The lessons will be largely asynchronous.

At least 1 hour of SIL

Students will choose a SIL activity from a school curated list.

The activity can be on areas of his/her own interest.

Example of a typical 4-hour curriculum coverage

Class Mentor Check-in
English 40 minutes
Math 40 minutes
Science 40 minutes
PE 40 minutes
Geography 40 minutes
Student-Initiated Learning (SIL)

Student-initiated learning enables our Greendale students to exercise agency, explore their interests and passions, and learn within and beyond the curriculum.

In Greendale Secondary School, we believe learning should not be confined to the formal curriculum. Through SIL, we aim to enable our students to grow to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and confident leaders, and to glow in their journey of exploration.

SIL activities students can explore to Grow and Glow at Greendale Secondary School.

We would like to invite our parents to be part of this learning experience with your child. You can find out more on supporting your child during Blended Learning days below:

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