Student Leadership

In Greendale Secondary School, Leadership is one of the key competencies which the school strives to develop in our students. Greendale’s Leadership development is based on the principles of Servant Leadership, where we aim to groom our students to be confident leaders who have the heart to serve. This is in line with our school’s motto: Serve, Lead, Excel. Students accepted under DSA-Leadership will undergo a comprehensive programme to develop and hone their leadership qualities so that they will go on to be good leaders beyond their secondary school years.

DSA - Leadership

Students accepted under DSA-Leadership will be developed through a comprehensive and rigorous leadership development programme so that they will have the ability and confidence to take up leadership roles at various platforms in Greendale Secondary School. These students will be closely guided and mentored so that they will be able to achieve a well-rounded education here at Greendale Secondary School.

  • Emplaced on Level 1 and 2 of Greendale’s Leadership Training Programmes to support their transition into possible leadership roles.
  • Opportunity to take on leadership roles in class, CCA, Sports Council and Student Council and as Greendale CCE Ambassadors.
  • Opportunity to undergo the Aspiring Leaders’ and Inspiring Leaders’ Training Programme and Camps in Secondary 2b and 3 respectively.
  • Opportunity to serve and lead school-wide events such as Orientation Camp, Teachers’ Day, Games Carnival etc.

Below are some of the key programmes successful DSA-Leadership entrants can look forward to:

Class EXCO Training Workshop

Students accepted under DSA-Leadership will have the opportunity to take on Class Executive Committee positions in Secondary 1 and undergo the in-house Class EXCO Training Workshops (left pic). These workshops aim to equip leaders with basic facilitation skills and focus on skills to lead a class.

Aspiring Leaders’ Training Programme

Secondary 2 potential student leaders undergo the Aspiring Leaders’ Training Programme, which is a series of hands-on workshops. Students get the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and put them to practice. These skills put them in good stead to take up higher leadership appointments in Secondary 3.


(Top Pic) Aspiring Leaders' Workshop @GreendaleSec


(Left Pic) Aspiring Leaders' Camp in Pulau Hantu

Inspiring Leaders’ Training Programme

Student Leaders who take on higher leadership appointments in Secondary 3 are placed on the Inspiring Leaders’ Training Programme. This programme is a year-long mentorship programme which equip our leaders to take on greater challenges in their roles as leaders of their CCAs or leaders in school. Students have the opportunity to learn important planning skills, with particular focus on the Servant Leadership traits of Foresight and Conceptualisation. A highlight of the Inspiring Leaders’ Training Programme is the training camp typically held in Gopeng, Perak. Leaders have the opportunity to put these skills to practice during the camp and they will also have the chance to plan the Secondary 1 Orientation Camp for their juniors.

(Left Pic) Aspiring Leaders' Camp in Pulau Hantu


Waterfall abseiling during Inspiring Leaders' Training Camp


Caving during Inspiring Leaders' Training Camp

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