Student & Support Services

Greendale Secondary School offers a suite of student support services for students requiring additional support in various areas.


Counselling involves providing a safe environment for students to share their challenges and work through their social, emotional, behavioural and mental health issues with a trained counsellor.

Our school counsellors support students by helping them learn and use strategies to manage and cope with their emotions or situation, while working closely with the teachers and family. This enables them to make choices for positive change and development, and they gain self-efficacy over time.

Allied Educator (Learning & Behavioural Support)

Our AED LBS provides support to students with mild special educational needs such as dyslexia, ADHD or mild ASD and sensory/physical impairments studying in mainstream schools.

Education & Career Guidance Counsellor

Our ECG counsellor helps students at schools, polytechnics and ITE explore their strengths, interest and aspirations. Through conversations with the students, she support students in achieving their post-secondary aspirations.

Student Health Advisor

The SHA is a qualified and trained nurse stationed in selected secondary schools. Our SHA provides advice and guidance for the students with health-related issues so that timely intervention and follow up, if necessary, can be offered to them.

Student Services
Mr Wong Weng Keong School Counsellor
Miss Gayathri School Counsellor
Mrs Gudipati Reddy Allied Educator (Learning & Behavioural Support)
Ms Adeline Ng Education & Career Guidance Counsellor
Ms Phyllis Phua Student Health Advisor
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