Homework Policy

The aim of homework is to encourage and support students’ learning. It is to allow students to demonstrate mastery of the concepts taught in class so that teachers can utilise the information to plan for future lessons. Homework allows students to take ownership of their learning and inculcate good study habits.

The amount of homework

1. Quality of homework is as important as quantity.

2. The guidelines for the amount of homework to be given is as follows:


March/ Sept holidays

June/ December holidays


2 hours/ day (Lower Sec)

2.5 hours/ day (Upper Sec)

1 hour/ subject

Up to 3 hours/ subject

3. During Class Test periods, the amount of homework should be moderated (e.g. subject teacher may give homework but students are not required to submit the assignment during CT week OR subject teachers to give a longer period of time for students to finish the assignment). The rationale for this is to help students manage the competing demands of homework, revision for CT, remedials and CCA.

4. During CCA competitions or SYF periods, subject teachers will take the heavier demands of CCA into consideration for affected students.

Management and coordination of homework

1. The homework/tests/projects should be written on the whiteboard so that teachers can coordinate among themselves and ensure students are not overloaded on a particular day or week.

2. Subject Teachers are to consider the total amount of homework given for the day and make adjustments to either the amount of homework or the deadline for submission where necessary.

3. Students are expected to take down the list of daily homework in their student handbook. Teachers will refrain from assigning work and sending instructions or reminders via Whatsapp/ text messages.

Reward for quality homework

1. To reward submission of quality homework, subject teachers may consider doing the following:

  • praise for the high quality homework and good work ethics
  • sharing of quality homework with class/ putting up the work on display in the classroom
  • communication to form teachers and parents of quality homework
Intervention measures when work is not submitted punctually:

*Note: Disciplinary offence – IP Head informs parents and the student will attend detention for the day.
If homework is still not submitted on Day 5, student will be issued a yellow slip. A second yellow slip will result in a ‘fair’ conduct grade. Disciplinary offences will be recorded in the School Cockpit. This will be tracked by the Discipline Committee.

School’s responsibilities

1. The SLs and KPs will monitor the amount of homework given and act as the feedback channel for students to raise their concerns.

2. Subject teachers are responsible for setting appropriate homework, marking it regularly, and to return it in a timely fashion. Homework must be used meaningfully to inform instruction and provide feedback to students.

3. Subject teachers are to remind students to record the homework in their student handbook.

Parents’ responsibilities

1. Parents should encourage students to meet homework deadlines and check the students’ handbook for a list of the homework assignments.

Students’ responsibilities

1. All students should record the homework assignments for each day in the students' handbook. Class representatives/ subject representatives may be tasked to update their classmates on the work for the day.

2. If students are absent from school, they should find out from their classmates/ buddies about the work that they have missed and complete the work as soon as they can. Students should take the initiative to approach teachers for consultation if they have missed the class.

3. All students should take pride in submitting good quality homework in a timely manner.

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