Industry Partners


Through our partnership with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), our students are given the opportunity in the following programmes:

SIT Challenge

Started in 2019, the SIT Challenge is a competition co-organised by Greendale Secondary and SIT for the Sec 2 cohort. Students work on the challenge as part of their Sec 2 Design & Technology lessons.

Each year, the school will be partnered with community organization(s) to co-create solutions to solve community challenges.

The challenge aims to :

  • increase students’ awareness of issues that affect the community and encourage them to take actions to tackle the issues by developing possible solutions.
  • allow students to learn and apply the design thinking process and put it into action

Students who are shortlisted for the finals will have the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of judges consisting of our community partners and SIT representatives.

SIT Community Challenge 2019

In 2019, the school was partnered with 4 elderly homes to work on issues and challenges which elderly might face in the nursing or elderly homes.

SIT Community Challenge 2020

In 2020, school was partnered with the Public Transport Council (PTC) to work on issues which elderly might encounter with when taking the public transport.

SIT Skillscraft Youth Makers Programme

This programme aims to inspire the students and spark their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Started in 2019, selected students will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend workshops conducted by SIT lecturers on Design Thinking, 3D Printing, DIY (Household) Hacks
  • Participate in meaningful STEM activities and projects that contribute to the community

Have the opportunity to be mentored by the lecturers in competitions or projects

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