Principal's Message


Greendale – our Home, our Pride. Greendale Secondary School aims to build a community of committed life-long learners, cultivate critical thinkers and nurture confident leaders. It is with that vision in mind that our initiatives and programmes continue to focus on nurturing talents, developing character and inspiring lives.

We have much to be proud of. We are today at a very exciting period for Greendale. This year, Greendale celebrates our 15th Anniversary and we are into our second year as one of the 28 Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB) pilot schools. Our Secondary 1s and 2s experience learning differently, attending lessons together for common curriculum subjects such as Art, Design & Technology, Food & Consumer Education, Music and Physical Education, and breaking out into subject-based banding groups for others. We will continue to make a difference in our students’ learning.

We are proud of our students, past and present. Greendale Secondary is a value-adding school. Our graduates continue to perform above expectations, against national standards and their cohort of young people. Our 2020 graduating cohort keeps up the tradition of making the school proud with their achievements. That is indeed a testimony of excellence.

We are most proud of our people. Staff and students of Greendale continue our pursuit for excellence despite the continuing challenges and difficult period of COVID-19. We must rise above life’s challenges now more than ever to strive to be better Learners, Thinkers and Leaders to Serve, Lead and Excel. We must encourage each other to continue to strive and thrive.

Despite the challenges that the global health pandemic of COVID-19 presents, let us look forward to the next era as ‘we, members of the Greendale family, strive to uphold our school values and rise to life’s challenges’. These are words from our school pledge, which we recite daily. These values and principles will guide us into an even brighter future as we move forward as one.

Ms Amy Ng

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