Talent Development

Definition and Guiding Principles

Greendale Secondary School’s mission is to ‘Nurture Talent, Develop Character, Inspire Lives’. The school’s vision, ‘Learner, Thinker, Leader’ encapsulates the desire of the school to shape the future-ready Greendale student who would be prepared for and thrive in the 21st-century with the necessary skills and mindsets.

The Greendale Talent Development Programme (GTDP) is aligned to our mission and vision, in particular our strategic thrusts of Leadership and Learning (discover and develop their strengths; strengthen customization and differentiation of total curriculum and learning experiences to meet the needs of diverse learners).

GTDP, aims to achieve the following:

a) Ensure that every learner’s educational experience is appropriate, challenging and differentiated.

b) Identify and develop high level abilities, talents; and sustain interests in the intellectual physical, aesthetics and lifeskills domains.

Key Strategies

We have adopted the following three strategies in the GTDP:

For ALL students to give them an experience in the form of our Greendale Signature Programmes
For passionate students who show interest and talent in their respective fields, in the form of extended enrichment activities
For students who show strong aptitude in their respective fields, in the form of a targeted approach to field them for national competitions (or equivalent development)


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