Ms Amy Ng

Greendale celebrates our 15th Anniversary in extraordinary times. We have, as what we have been doing since the onset of COVID-19 last year adhered to Safe Management Measures to our best ability to ensure safety for all. At the same time, as much as possible, we continue with schooling and Greendale experiences so that Greendale remains ‘Our Home. Our Pride’, our theme for our 15th Anniversary celebrations.

The theme is taken from our Strategic Goal 2024 that drives us to deepen our holistic well-being efforts, to grow from Greendale our family, to an ecology that involves ALL our key stakeholders – staff, students, the School Advisory Committee, parents and alumni. It also encourages us to continue to pursue excellence, not just in terms of outcomes, but to ‘excel in all that we do’.

Our School Vision is “Learner. Thinker. Leader.” With 15 Secondary 1 cohorts in our 15 years of history, we have witnessed 12 batches of graduates. A new initiative as part of our 15th Anniversary celebrations, we introduced our 12 Batch Ambassadors, one from each graduating cohort. The Batch Ambassadors will work closely with the school to reach out to their friends and peers of their cohort, to nurture ‘Greendale – Our Home. Our Pride.’, to foster strong pride and affiliation, and to serve as an inspiration for our current and future students.

We will not be celebrating our 15th Anniversary today if not for the people who make up this family – teachers, Greendale staff, students, alumni, parents and partners, past and present. Greendale is what we are today because of people, people who believe in and want to make a difference for this family. From a ‘family’ to an ‘ecology’. ‘Ecology’ is the study and on-going journey to understand the vital connections between staff, students, alumni, parents and partners, and the world around us.

Join me in our next phase of growth and excellence, as ‘we, members of the Greendale family, strive to uphold our school values and rise to lie’s challenges’ from the Greendale School Pledge, which staff and students recite daily. Join me to continue to Serve, Lead, Excel for Greendale – Our Home. Our Pride.

Ms Amy Ng

Our Home

At Greendale, every child is unique and at the centre of what we do. We believe in empowering our students to Grow and Glow, finding their purpose and passion, and discovering the joy in making a difference for others.

We are resolute in forging a culture of care, learning, trust and excellence - walking this journey with them together as One Family.

What guides us in our Greendale Family is our strategic destination where Greendale is

Our Home, Our Pride
where every LEARNER, THINKER and LEADER matters and makes a difference.

Grow and Glow @ Greendale
Grow and Glow @ Greendale

The metaphor illustrates a young plant deeply rooted to ground, nurtured and challenged to thrive and rise above life challenges. It encapsulates the heart of what we hope for each and every one of our Greendale student where they continuously strive to Grow and Glow @ Greendale.

Grow and Glow @ Greendale is about knowing oneself,  appreciating the unique strengths of each individual  and challenging oneself to become the best version of being a Learner, Thinker and Leader. Beyond that, it also focuses on how one can make a difference for others through their actions and deeds, bringing good cheer to the people around, and fulfilment to themselves.


In Greendale, our students appreciate who they are and are empowered to discover their strengths and passion. We nurture our students to be



Students cultivate dispositions of resilience and compassion for others through robust learning experiences. They are guided to plan and chart their personal growth in their academics and character development. They understand and appreciate the needs and perspectives of others around them and they leverage digital technologies for learning and collaboration.



Students are equipped with learning strategies and encouraged to think critically and apply what they have learnt in real life. They are excited by the learning opportunities and have the desire to explore and discover more.

Students are provided with different opportunities  and experiences to spark their curiosity. Beyond acquiring knowledge, they take on a design thinking approach to real life challenges. They are guided by values and principles in life to make sound decisions.



Students acquire leadership skills through opportunities and experiences to become confident leaders with the heart to serve. They are empowered to discover and develop their talents to contribute to the growth of themselves and the community. They have integrity and courage to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Students dare to dream and push boundaries to grow and be the best version of themselves. They are confident leaders who have a heart to serve the  community.


The theory of Growth Mindset underpins Grow and Glow @ Greendale. Having a growth mindset is key to wanting to learn and improve. It is the belief that effort can make a difference. Having a growth mindset in Greendale means being a self-directed and reflective learner, a positive and resilient thinker, and a servant leader.

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Besides developing a Growth Mindset to grow and glow as LEARNERS, THINKERS and LEADERS, our Greendale values and routines guide the students in their learning and their daily interactions with people around them.

Learning Environment

In Greendale, we provide enriching experiences to allow students to Grow and Glow the Greendale way. This is achieved through our broad-based curriculum that stretches their imagination, develop passion, build character & leadership as well as mental resilience in our  students.

Stretching Imagination and Making a Difference for Others

Stretching imagination_edited-1

Our Applied Learning Programme in Design, Technology & Engineering offers a curriculum where students can stretch their imagination and develop their skills and competencies in coding, robotics and technology to make a difference for others. There are also opportunities for our students to partner and work with Institutions of higher learning such as SIT and industries to gain exposure and be mentored by the professionals.

Developing Mental Resilience and Life-skills


Our Learning For Life Programme & Character & Citizenship Education are aligned and integrated to develop reflective and resilient students who are able to make critical decisions and work collaboratively in teams. Programmes are designed in an Experiential, Participatory, Image-rich, Connected (EPIC) way to learn through authentic platforms.

Developing Passion, Building Character


Students can choose from the diverse range of CCAs Greendale offers to build their interest and develop a life-long passion in what they enjoy. Students look forward to the exciting CCA curriculum that awaits them weekly as they foster new friendships, challenge themselves and build their character.

Performing Arts:

Sports Groups:

Uniformed Group:

Clubs & Societies:

•     Theatricks

•     Chorale

•     Angklung

•     Greendale Orchestra

•     Dance Ensemble

•    Canoeing

•    Floorball

•    Fencing

•    Softball

•    Soccer

•     Red Cross Youth

•     National Cadet Corps

•     National Police Cadet Corps

•   Art Club

•   Greendale Broadcasting

•   Robotics

•   Outdoor Adventure Club

•   Library

Leading Self, Leading Others


With distinctive programmes to enrich our student’s experience in Greendale, Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) undergirds all that we do at Greendale. Our goal is to inculcate values and build competencies in our students to develop them to be future-ready citizens progressively over their 4-5 years with our level focus and outcomes.





A reflective and respectful learner who is committed to the school A responsible team player & an effective communicator who serves & cares for others A resilient & upright leader who is able to make critical decisions A confident & values-driven individual who excels & contributes to the society

Seeking Challenges, Striving for Excellence

Learning 8

Our Greendale Talent Development Programme (GTDP) offers all students opportunities to develop and stretch their potential in the areas of their strength through a spiral approach. Our key strategy in the development of talent includes Exposure, Extension and Excellence, where students can step up, seek challenges and strive to break boundaries - to be the best that they can.

Leading and Serving

Leading Serving_edited-1

Greendale Leadership Programme builds on the guiding principles of Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf, where we aim to develop all Greendale students to become confident leaders with the heart to serve. Student Leaders in Greendale will undergo a comprehensive programme to develop and hone their leadership qualities so that they will go on to be good leaders beyond their secondary school years.


In Greendale, we understand the importance of having a environment that is conducive for teaching and learning as well as one that promotes the well-being of staff and students. They school reviews and refreshes its school facilities regularly and adds new ones to meet the needs of the school.

Digital Artwork by our Admin Staff, Mdm Noor Hazlin
Digital Artwork by our Admin Staff, Mdm Noor Hazlin

The school will be undergoing General Repairs & Redecorations programme in Nov/Dec 2021 to refresh school facilities. In addition, the school will also be enhancing the following school facilities:

  • Installation of synthetic field
  • Re-surfacing of sports court
  • Construction of fitness gym
  • Installation of solar panel under SolarNova Programme
Our Ecosystem

Every Greendale student gets access to a wide range of opportunities to learn, grow and be recognised. Learning and behavioural support help to uplift students who require them to ensure equal access to opportunities. We believe in creating an ecosystem with a core focus on learning, caring, building trust and always striving for excellence.

Recognizing the importance of holistic physical and mental health, we promote the Growth Mindset in our everyday learning. An annual Grow & Glow week emphasises our commitment to allow every student to Grow & Glow.

Our programmes are designed to ensure that every student can reach their fullest potential. Individual goal setting and a wide array of talent development programmes help every student work towards achieving their dream.

We also pride ourselves on a strong culture of care, where students are supported by their Class Mentors and peers. Weekly E.R.C (Eat, Read, Connect) time allows teachers to learn more about students. Peer support through the Class EXCO and the class buddy system also ensure a strong caring culture.

Our Pride

We pride ourselves to a school will strong culture of care. Teachers and support staff work in hand work to provide students with positive and conducive environment for learning grow. Programme and activities are thoughtfully designed to develop every child to his/her fullest potential. Students, past and present, developed a strong sense of affiliation as beneficiaries of the strong culture of care and excellence.  Here are the affirmation from students and alumni:

I am truly thankful that teachers here are very HELPFUL and they always put in GREAT EFFORT in helping me to fulfil my dreams. For instance, when I was applying for DSA(JC) in Sec 3, my subject teachers and school leaders, were VERY SUPPORTIVE and helped me prepare for the application and interview in many ways than one. The efforts paid off and I definitely could not have done it without them. I realize how fortunate I am to have teachers in Greendale, who are DEDICATED and always ready to support us to fulfil our dreams and aspirations UNCONDITIONALLY.

Wang Haiyi, Class of 2017
Currently reading Chemistry at Imperial College  under A*Star scholarship

My peers and teachers in Greendale have always been very supportive in all aspects of my school life. I am thankful that the school has given me a chance to develop myself not just academically but also in terms of other aspects as well. The teachers have always believed in their students and are willing to go the extra mile to provide help and support, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic last year, which has undoubtedly put extra pressure on the graduating cohort. My teachers and peers are truly the people who got me through the stressful times during O Levels; everyone is very willing to lend a helping hand. I am very grateful for my time in Greendale and wouldn’t have gone anywhere else instead.

Cheong Yang Ming, Chaoton, Class of 2020
Currently in Hwa Chong Institution

What I really enjoyed most throughout my time at Greendale were the teachers that I met. Having had a rough start to the first 3 years of my secondary school life, i am thankful for my teachers who were showed me so much care and patience in guiding me through the challenges and giving me the opportunity to change. Their perseverance in believing in me and willingness to help me till the end has shaped me into who I am today. They have continuously motivated me and inspire me to work to my full potential.

Jeremy Lim, Class of 2011
Batch Ambassador. Currently an Associate with KPMG Services Pte. Ltd.

Greendale had given me many opportunities to lead and grow. Through being in the student council to being a Staff Sergeant in the National Cadet Corps, i learnt how to work effectively in a team and with others. I also had many caring teachers who set a good example of how a servant leader should be.

Tham Ding Xuan, Class of 2017
President of the Greendale Alumni. Currently in Singapore Polytechnic

Greendale Secondary School emphasises on the holistic development of all its students. The school gave me diverse opportunities that helped me hone my leadership qualities and develop my character as an active learner, thinker and leader.

Ophelia Kee, Class of 2014
Attending NTU-NIE (Ministry of Education Teaching Award)

Our Staff

Staff at Greendale Secondary serve with pride and passion. They exemplify our vision of being a Learner, a Thinker and a Leader and are recognised for their contributions and performance at the National level.  We are proud to share with you the accolades of our staff:

National Day Award

The Commendation Medal was instituted in 1996. The Medal is awarded to public officer who has distinguished himself/herself through commendable performance and conduct, or significant efficiency.

Staff 1a

Associate of AST Award 2021 [Education Officers]

Awarded by the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST), this award recognizes and affirms the efforts of officers in the education service and partners in education for their contributions to the professional development of the teaching fraternity.

Staff 2a

Singapore Police Force (SPF) Long Service Award (20 Years)

The Singapore Police Service Long Service is awarded to officers in recognition of his long and exemplary service and good conduct in the Singapore Police Force.

Staff 3a

Thank You 'Cher Gratitude Portal

Launched on 25 August 2021, the Thank You ‘Cher Gratitude Portal was created to affirm and thank teachers for the difference they have made. Below are some of the heartfelt gratitude for our teachers for being a source of encouragement, and for shaping the lives of students who have grown in Greendale:

Thank You Cher
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