Video Gallery

Braver, Together!
A Public Announcement by MOE - What is A Mask For?
Chinese New Year Celebrations
Open House 2019@Greendale
Greendale in 2019
Greendale Orchestra - An Evening with Us
Happenings@Greendale Secondary (ALP-DTE)
National Day Celebrations 2019
Games Carnival 2019
Outdoor Fitness Stations
Jogathon 2019
From The Past And Into The Future
Indoor Sports Hall - The Journey
National Science Challenge 2018 - Semi Final 1
The PSG Celebrates Teachers' Day 2018
National Science Challenge 2018 - Quarter Final
Chinese Cultural Camp 2018
Honours Day 2018 & Eladneerg II The Musical @ SUTD - Highlights
Honours Day 2017
Partnering with Mee Toh School
Eladneerg | Greendale The Musical @ Kallang Theater 2016
Greendale Secondary School Celebrates 10 with 10
Greendale Secondary School on CNA
Greendale Secondary School In The News
Greendale Secondary School: Outdoor and Adventure Education
Greendale Sec OAE News
Greendale Sec 10th Anniversary Commemorative Video
Celebrate 10 with 10
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