DSA - Outdoor  Adventure


In Greendale Secondary School, Outdoor Adventure is an integrated approach to learning and development in which abstract character attributes and specific Outdoor Education (OE) related skillsets are nurtured through concrete experiences. ‘Learning by Doing’ is the hallmark of outdoor & adventure education.

  • Outdoor Education, both at school and on residential courses, enable students to enjoy challenging and unfamiliar experiences that test and develop their physical, social and personal skills.
  • Adventure Education, in offering students new and exciting challenges, helps them learn about assessing and managing risk. In the process and conduct of the activities, students’ personal qualities and leadership skills are strengthened.
Highlights - General
Highlights - Outdoor Adventure Club Membership
Highlights - SCF 1 Star Kayaking Certification
Highlights - SNCS Sport Climbing Level 1
Highlights - Project GARanG
Highlights - National Orienteering Race (Schools)
Highlights - RP's Advanced Elective Module (AEM)
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