Food and Consumer Education

Aimed at empowering our students to be health ambassadors, food innovators and discerning consumers. It takes into consideration new lifestyles and consumer trends, and therefore, it equips them with knowledge, skills and attitudes related to health and financial management.

The focus of the FCE curriculum in Greendale Secondary School is to equip students with basic culinary skills, knowledge of nutrients and recipe modification for various diet-related diseases. Student-centred pedagogies and teaching strategies with the inclusion of Activity-based Learning (ABL) and Differentiated Instruction, are adopted to enhance student competencies in building self-awareness, social awareness and responsible decision-making through the use of current and relevant online platforms.

Health Ambassador Discerning Consumer Food Innovator
Our students will role model and provide support for friends and family members to help them make healthier lifestyle choices.

They will advocate for nutritious diet and physical exercise to improve their quality of life.

Our students will conduct research, exercise creativity and take into consideration the issue of food security which includes food safety and sustainable food consumption to prepare a personalised dish for a specific consumer. Our students will apply scientific principles during food preparation and cooking.

They will understand the various sensory qualities of food as they are altered during preparation and cooking.

(Reference Guide: CPDD Teaching and Learning Guide)

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