Committed Learners & Critical Thinkers

  • Nurturing science enthusiasts by infusing knowledge, skills and attributes
  • Improving teaching methodologies and pedagogies to facilitate the effective learning and acquisition of scientific skills and 21st century competencies
Teaching & Learning of Science

The teaching and learning of Science is guided by the following

  1. MOE Science Framework
  2. Singapore Teaching Practice
  3. Greendale Teaching & Learning Framework

This section outlines the principles about teaching and learning of Science.

MOE Science Framework

Inquiry is the key experience in science education. The science curriculum aims to inspire the students and help them realise their capability in using scientific inquiry to innovate solutions in their everyday lives and in society. This strengthens the joy of learning and emphasizes the relevance of Science in creating a larger good for our society.

The Singapore Teaching Practice makes explicit how effective teaching and learning is achieved.

The Greendale Teaching and Learning Framework makes explicit the use of teaching and learning routines and study skills, helping students to become committed learners and critical thinkers.

Science Curriculum

The science curriculum in Greendale provides various opportunities in learning experience to meet different students' needs. Students have the option to do a higher level science subject (SBB) if they demonstrate the aptitude and interest. Upper secondary students have the option to either do pure sciences or combined sciences. The learning goes beyond the classroom; to learning journeys, advanced elective modules and workshops supported by other education partners such as universities, polytechnics and Science Centre Singapore (SCS).

The science department advocates the use of thinking routines and study skills to develop committed learners and critical thinkers. These are infused into the curriculum through customized in-house learning resources. The department has up a Greendale Science Academy (GSA) to ensure systematic approach in grooming students with interest and talent in science. The three-level approach - Exposure, Extension, Excellence - provides differentiated and progressive learning opportunities to meet students' needs and aspirations.

Science Escape Room activities during Innovation Week in School
Science Congress@Republic Polytechnic
DIY Scientist For A Day:
Centre of Gravity Balancing
Act@Science Centre
DIY Scientist For A Day:
Parallel & Series Circuit
@Science Centre Singapore
Aerospace & Aviation AEM
@Temasek Polytechnic
Green Wave Environmental Care Competition
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