Every Greendale Student is a
Committed Learner who is passionate in the learning of Mathematics, and
Critical Thinker who is able to reason, communicate and apply what he/she learns to real life.


Monitor & drive students towards achieving their potential.
Develop our people where we can make an impact to student learning.

Approach to Teaching and Learning

The teaching and learning of Mathematics in Greendale Secondary School is built on the following:

1. MOE Mathematics problem-solving framework,
2. Greendale Secondary School’s TEACH and LEARN protocol, and
3. Skillful Teachers strategies

This section outlines the principles about teaching and learning of mathematics and the phases of learning in the mathematics classrooms:

Aims of the Curriculum

Mathematics lessons are designed according to the curriculum considerations listed in the diagram below:


Flexibility and Choice in the Learning of Mathematics

In Greendale Secondary School, the more able students from the Express and Normal Academic students may study A Mathematics and students from the 4N(A) course are given opportunities to take ‘O’ level Mathematics. The variation in pace and syllabus adds to the flexibility and choice in the learning of Mathematics. This allows students to pursue their areas of strength and prepare them well for courses of study that require higher Mathematics.


Curriculum Innovation

Curriculum Innovation is a platform through which students get to experience curriculum customised for differentiated and engaged learning. It aims to help students develop their 21st Century Competencies and is adapted to the demands of the changing education landscape.

Some of the activities that students get to experience through the Mathematics CI are depicted below:


Innovation Week

Every year, the school allocates a week – termed as Innovation Week - for students to experience the different subjects beyond the textbook. The Mathematics Signature Programs for the Innovation Week are the MathXcape and the Statistics Poster Workshop for the Secondary One and Two students respectively.

MathXcape (Secondary 1)

MathXcape is an escape room game constructed with Mathematics puzzles. The Mathematics puzzles are specifically designed to suit the proficiency of the Secondary One students. Students are given an hour to decipher the puzzles to ‘escape’ the locked room. The comic strip below depicts a simplified example of the MathXcape puzzles.


Statistics Poster (Secondary 2)

“Why learn all these Math when we are never going to use these skills?” That is a rather common question that the Mathematics teachers receive. So in one of the bigger Mathematics department “Relate Mathematics to Real-Life” effort, a Statistics Poster Workshop is conducted for all Secondary Two students. At the workshop, students learn how to create posters that presents statistical findings. Students have the opportunity to craft their research questions, conduct surveys, tabulate the statistics and finally present their findings in the different statistical diagrams that they have learnt.


Greendale Young Mathematician

The Young Mathematician is a program that aims to stretch the best Mathematics students from each of the different streams and instil a greater passion for the subject. Under the Young Mathematician Program, students meet up once to twice a term to partake in Mathematics – related activities such as Sudoku, analysing game theories behind board games, solving Olympiad questions to escape a locked room, etc.



Some competitions that our students have participated in includes the Sudoku Challenge in 2017, NSC 2018 and Problems in Real World Context Mathematics Competition 2018.

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