Angklung Ensemble


Angklung, is an instrument that originates from Indonesia. The word 'Angklung' means 'broken sound'. To make a music using angklung, the player must shake the angklung to make a continuously sound. 

In Angklung CCA, every member will enjoy playing songs from traditional songs like ‘Zafar, ‘Di Tanjong Katong’, and modern songs like ‘Set Fire to the Rain’, ‘Flashlight', and even ‘Mission Impossible’.

Every member will be involved in learning how to play Angklung, which will serve as a basic expectation. Students will be exposed to playing other instruments such as kulintang, Angklung solo and percussion, where those with the potential will focus on training with these instruments to master the playing. 

During training, to instil the importance of teamwork, the Sec 2 and Sec 3 players will partner with new members and Sec 1 members for peer teaching and helping the ensemble to improve in their playing.

Yearly, Greendale Angklung Ensemble will perform during the Sec 1 CCA Fair and Greendale’s Chinese New Year Celebration.

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