Greendale Chorale


The Greendale Chorale is currently an all-girls' choir established in 2006. The choir provides a platform for budding singers to share their passion for music and to hone their craft. During their time in the choir, choristers will not only master music and vocal techniques but will also be groomed into confident leaders.

The Greendale Chorale performs regularly in public events, such as the school’s signature Eladneerg concert. Our choristers’ experiences are also enriched by opportunities to participate in a range of choral festivals and competitions. In 2011, the choir competed in the A Capella Championships, was awarded Silver and came in 2nd in their category. The choir also participated in Jubilate VI, Festival of Choirs, in 2012, and achieved a Silver award at the competition. In 2015 and 2017, the choir attained a Certificate of Achievement in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation. While in the most recent SYF competition in 2019, the choir was conferred the prestigious Certificate of Distinction, a testament to its hard work and growth.

The Greendale Chorale has also seen success in international choral competitions. In 2010, the choir represented Singapore to participate in Orientale Concentus III which was held in Yilan, Taiwan. The choir won a Gold award and also emerged as the Category Winner in the Equal Voices (Youth) category. In 2011, the choir took part in the Winter Choral Festival 2011, held in Hong Kong, China where it attained a Silver VI award and Category Winner for the Equal Voices category.

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