National Cadet Corps (NCC)


The National Cadet Corps (NCC) strives to develop cadets with a resilient mind, fit body and committed heart as part of its "Cadet Strong" initiative.

A typical CCA sessions consists of learning about military-related skills like Individual Field Craft (IFC) or drills, games and fitness training. Reviews are regularly conducted by our cadet leaders to encourage our cadets to be confident speakers and reflective learners.

Cadets can expect to attend HQ-organised activities like Camp Forge (Flying Fox, Archery, Airsoft Rifle), Camp Steel (Orienteering, Paintball, High Element Course, Rappelling), Senior Specialist Leaders Course (Land Expedition, Fitness Challenge) where learning through fun activities is emphasized to build up their adventurous spirit. The main highlight is usually the live shoot at a 100 meter range after their practices at the Individual Marksmanship Trainer (IMT) ranges.

Enrichment activities like Precision Drill Squad (PDS), dragon boating and Urban Operation (UO) are introduced to cadets to further engage them and strengthen their camaraderie as they continue in their NCC journey.

In 2018, the unit were invited to grace the National Day Observance Parade at Punggol North as part of the Guard of Honour Contingent, and four of its cadet leaders represented NCC at the national level in the marching contingent for the National Day Parade.

The school's NCC unit have attained the Gold award for the Best Unit Competition for 10 years. This award is conferred annually by NCC. It is awarded by assessing the overall performance of NCC school units in an academic year. On top of that, the school's NCC unit's outstanding cadet leaders were awarded the Outstanding Cadet Award in 2017 and 2018.

2020 also marks the first year of Greendale becoming an NCC (Air) Unit. A typical CCA session consists of learning military-related skills like Individual Field Craft (IFC) or drills, games, fitness training, Radio Control (RC) flying and aeromodelling lessons. During HQ-organised events, cadets can expect to enjoy activities like Flying Fox, Archery, Airsoft Rifle, Overnight Land Expedition, Paintball, High Elements Course and Rappelling. Regular inter-unit competitions such as Road Relay, Fitness Challenge, and Orienteering allow our cadets to compete and forge friendships with other cadets.

Our cadets demonstrate their skills and knowledge about flight during practices at the Individual Marksmanship Trainer (IMT) ranges as well as at the Air Competition. The main highlight after practices is the live shoot at a 100-metre range. Enrichment activities such as the Precision Drill Squad (PDS), Aeromodelling and Urban Operation (UO) further engaged our cadets and strengthened their camaraderie in their NCC journey.

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