The Greendale Canoeing Team is the CCA to be in if you are a person who thrives on hard work, overcoming challenges and hungers for success. As a niche CCA in the school, Greendale canoeists carry the torch, contributing greatly to the school’s focus on sustaining CCA excellence. Greendale canoeists participate in a holistic training program that goes beyond the basic strokes and control of their kayaks. We believe in a training program that incorporates concepts from Outdoor Education. With body and mind conditioning, Greendale canoeists learn how to strategise the use of their physical strength and mental resilience in the heat of a race to overcome the odds.

Greendale canoeists believe in working hard at attaining high standards in both their academic and CCA:

  • Undergo 1-star canoeing course with Singapore Canoe Federation before being selected to be in the school team.
  • Selected for competition will participate in the National Inter-Schools Canoeing Championships which takes place in mid April every year.
  • Other than competitions, Greendale canoeists can also look forward to club activities such as outdoor camp, cross training experiences, outdoor experiences as well as local sea expeditions i.e. the annual school SeaEx.

In 2018, Greendale canoeists competed in the National Canoeing Competition, where one of them, Muhamad Ariq Bin Ramlee successfully qualified for the semi-finals.

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