"In fencing, weight and strength mean nothing. Physical inferiorities disappear." - Aldo Nadi

Fencing is a multi-faceted discipline that gives fencers a complete body and mind workout. Its fast pace develops fencers' agility and coordination, while its intensity enhances the mind’s ability to focus and cultivate self-control. 

The Greendale Fencing Team comprises energetic and dedicated students from all levels committed to honing their fencing craft. A typical training session involves an hour of warm-up exercises that focuses on foot work and blade work; before fencers pit their skills against one another during the final hour. With the support and direction provided by their coaches and encouragement from their teammates, Greendale fencers have brought the following laurels to the school: ‘C’ Div Women's Individual Sabre (Bronze) and ‘C’ Division Girls Overall Bronze at the National Inter-School Fencing Championships in 2019, the Mens' Individual Sabre (Gold), Mens' Team Sabre (Bronze) and Women’s Team Sabre (Gold) at the Novices Fencing Championships in 2019, and the Women’s Individual Epee (Gold), Mens’ Individual Epee (Silver) and Women’s Individual Sabre (Bronze)at the Novices Fencing Championships in 2020.

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