National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)


The National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) seeks to develop our cadets to be active citizens by working closely with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to fight crime and keep Singapore safe. Our cadets are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge on current issues. They also grow in confidence as they are exposed to leadership opportunities.

A typical CCA session for a lower secondary cadet would differ vastly from a Sec 3 cadet leader. A lower secondary cadet would be led by a Sec 3 cadet leader who would have thoughtfully planned out the session's activities. The Sec 3 cadet leaders would build on their soft skills as they impart their NPCC content knowledge to the junior squads. After which, the school's NPCC unit would be divided into their respective Houses where they would play games and interact with the rest of the Unit. To end the day's session, the junior cadets and cadet leaders would engage in reflective debrief sessions.

In 2018, the Sec 2 cadets delivered a presentation during assembly as part of the Community Security and Safety Programme they spearheaded. It informed the school of the importance of SGSecure, a national movement to unite in anti-terrorism. Police Youth Ambassadors 2018 will see the Sec 3 cadet leaders lead the unit as ambassadors of the SPF in the Punggol Community in spreading crime prevention messages and garnering the residents' support in supporting the campaign.

The Greendale Secondary School NPCC unit have attained the Gold award for the National Police Cadet Corps Unit Overall Proficiency Award for 12 consecutive years including 2019. This award is conferred annually by NPCC. It is awarded by assessing the overall performance of NPCC school units in an academic year. On top of that, the school's NPCC unit's outstanding Sec 3 cadet leaders were awarded the SPF-NPCC Badge in 2017, 2018 and 2020.

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